Public Awareness
Important Reminders:

-- Wash your hands before eating meals.

-- Eat meat only if it has been cooked to “well done.”

-- Avoid contact with materials contaminated with cat excrement.

This pamphlet was prepared especially for Dana, Chad, Dani Jo, Elena, Graham, Grant, Joshua, Lucky, Margaret, Miguel, Nicky, Robbie, Roxanne, and many other and their families who unders tand with special poignancy Edward Young’s statement, “who would not give a trifle to prevent what they would give a thousand worlds to cure.”

These are some of the representative accomplishments of this foundation.

1) Educational public service announcements

2) Support for the publication "Playing the Hand that's Dealt to you" by Janet Morel

3) Publication of an educational pamphlet for prevention of toxoplasmosis for pregnant women

4) Sponsorship and support of competitive Student/Postdoctoral Research Fellowships that will lead to a vaccine to prevent or better treat toxoplasmosis

5) Support for the international toxoplasmosis meetings


Toxoplasmosis Research
Institute and Center

Chicago, IL