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A Simple Story

In the fall, a young pregnant woman planted bulbs in her backyard. The neighbors’ cats hunted frequently there and used the garden soil as a litterbox. In the spring, the bulbs bloomed into beautiful flowers. At the same time, a baby boy was born to the woman, but an infection in his brain caused him to have severe eye and brain disease at birth. Unknown to his mother, oocysts from the cats in the garden soil contained parasites that infected her while she was pregnant. The family expected the boy would never be able to walk or talk or see or hear but, because they felt they had no other choice, began treating him with medicines that had not yet been proven to be safe or efficacious for babies. By a year of age the baby could walk, talk, and play normally. He could also see, although he had some impairment in his vision. His teachers and doctors thought he would never learn to read. However, his mother worked with him with a special phonetic course, and, at seven years old, he surprised everyone by teaching himself to read with a flashlight, dictionary, and the book “Robinson Crusoe.” As he grew up, he helped his family build a new house. In middle school, he started painting and entered a self-portrait into a contest for visually impaired children and won first prize. Now in high school, he is an avid civil war enthusiast, loves playing basketball and making movies, and is planning to apply to college.


Useful Links for Parents

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A Helpful Resource for Parents of Differently Abled Children

If your child has Toxoplasmosis, you will be faced with many complicated questions...

* How do I help my child reach his/her full potential?
* What do I need to know to insure a good education?
* How can I get the best medical care?
* What if I die?
* How am I going to handle this?

Janet Morel's book is packed with experience suggestions, instructions, and support needed by new parents of differently abled children. Written from the perspective of a parent who has been there, Janet answers the questions that every specially challenged parent asks. It's like having a mentor, a support system, and a friend that every special parent can embrace.

This book is available for purchase at Also you can request a free electronic copy by emailing

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